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Helixio, RNA-seq service provider

As a genomic service provider, Helixio offers NGS services based on Illumina technology. One of the most popular technique is transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq). It offers access to information on transcriptome complexity and enables a wide range of studies: expression quantification, list of differentially expressed genes, alternative splicing events identification, variant calling, isoform and transcript discovery, de novo transcriptome assembly, lncRNA detection or small RNA analysis.


Transcriptome sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing generates millions of reads allowing accurate quantification of gene expression, identification of novel transcripts or isoforms. As DNA-seq technology, data can be used for variant calling in order to identify genetic variation. Small RNA-seq, microRNA-seq approaches are efficient applications to explore gene expression regulation in physiological conditions or diseases.


Transcriptome applications

Helixio provides NGS RNA-seq services, from library preparation to data analysis for any application: mRNA, total RNA or small non-coding RNA. We guide you to choose the best solution and parameters for your project. We offer a wide range of protocols according to the starting material (quality and quantity) and the ribosomal RNAs depletion to apply or not.

Helixio offers both standard and custom solutions for RNA-seq data analysis. Please visit our bioinformatics service webpage!