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Helixio, exome service provider

As a genomic service provider, Helixio offers exome services based on Illumina technology, from sample preparation to sequencing data analysis.


Targeted sequencing

The most popular targeted resequencing method is exome sequencing: it is a capture method enabling the focus on protein-coding regions of the genome. Because many of known disease-related variants are exonic, it is a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome sequencing.

Targeted sequencing is used to detect exonic variants to uncover genetic influences in your project.



Exome sequencing

Exome sequencing reduces the amount of required data when your project is focused on protein-coding genes that may affect the phenotype. Exome enrichment can identify coding variations across a wide range of applications, including cancer studies and genetic diseases.

Exome sequencing advantages are:

We guide you to choose the best solution and parameters for your project. Helixio offers both standard and custom DNA-seq analysis services. Please visit our bioinformatics service webpage!