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Helixio, DNA-seq service provider

As a genomic service provider, Helixio offers DNA-seq services based on Illumina technology, from sample preparation to sequencing data analysis.


Whole-genome sequencing

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) method allows resequencing the genome of any organism (procaryote or eucaryote). It is used to detect genetic variations between libraries and the genome of reference, such as SNPs, InDels and large rearrangements (CNVs, translocations...).  For organisms without a known published reference, de novo assembly approach is suitable. This novel genome can be annotated by sequence homology or according to relevant databases.



Targeted sequencing

Target enrichment (NGS library preparation and capture) enables to focus on genes or regions of interest. Targeted resequencing advantages are:

Such targeted analysis includes exome capture (protein-coding genome) and NGS custom target enrichment (SureSelect enrichment probes, Agilent technologies). Our design capabilities allow Helixio to coordinate the whole process of custom design, from a gene list or region of interest to ordering final design.

We offer a wide range of protocols according to the starting material and both standard or custom solutions for DNA-seq data analysis. Please visit our bioinformatics service webpage!