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Custom analysis

Helixio offers custom workflows as a genomic service provider. Our team develop customized solutions as:

These custom designs enable studies focused on regions of interest or specific genomes. Our custom design capabilities allow Helixio to coordinate the whole process, from a gene list of interest to ordering final design.


Gene Expression profiling

Microarrays, qPCR and RNA-seq technologies can be used for gene expression profiling. Helixio guides you to choose the best solution to answer your project needs and specifications.

Gene expression microarrays provide a comprehensive coverage of genes and transcripts with up-to-date annotation, with different high-resolution formats. A custom microarray can also be designed for non-available genomes or specific projects. Gene expression microarrays can be used to identify genes whose expression changed in response to an experimental parameter or to validate a predicted gene signature.


qPCR, for quantitative PCR, is a molecular technique based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to enable detection and quantification of gene expression. Helixio offers qPCR and RT-qPCR services on TaqMan technology. TaqMan Inventoried and Made to Order assays can be used for your project. We can also design custom assays according to your needs.



Methylation is the best-known epigenetic modification resulting in gene silencing. CpG islands are often un-methylated in mammals and associated with development. Aberrations in DNA methylation are linked to diseases. 

Helixio offers epigenetics services based on Illumina microarrays solutions and adapts the proposals to your needs and specifications.



Metagenomics aims to analyze the diversity of microbial community from a complex environmental or human samples. Helixio offers a suite of metagenomics services from targeted assays (16S gene for prokaryote and ITS regions for fungi) to whole genome analyis (shotgun sequencing). Our metagenomics data analysis services includes taxonomy assignement, abundance estimation, functionnal annotation.




CGH array is a cytogenetic technique with high resolution for chromosomal aberration identification. Helixio offers both standard and custom CGH services with Agilent microarrays. The standardized approach is used for the most common species with different formats (up to one million probes). Customized solutions are available for other species or to target regions of interest.