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Helixio, bioinformatics service provider

High-throughput genomic data require the implementation of bioinformatics and data analysis procedures to extract meaningful information.

Helixio is a genomic and bioinformatics service provider: our experienced team will help you to generate impactful biological understanding of your data.

All data generated during your project are provided: raw sequences, alignment and result files for NGS analysis; processed files and result files for microarray technologies. All data are stored two or six months, according to the technology.

A project manager, assigned to your study, is available to discuss at every step of the analysis, including post-delivery support.

We use open-source bioinformatics tools, commercial applications and in-house pipelines: we employ a strategy that fits your data and your needs.


NGS data analysis


Different steps are needed to extract relevant information.

Primary analysis includes quality control, sequence trimming and adaptor removal. After alignment onto the reference genome, it is possible to detect base modifications and genome rearrangements. For organisms without a known published reference, a de novo assembly is suitable.

With RNA-seq reads, we can apply an expression quantification to find differentially expressed genes and variant calling to find differences between libraries and the reference.

These steps are part of the standard workflows applied for our NGS services.


DNA-seq standard workflow


RNA-seq standard workflow


Custom analysis

Helixio offers both standard and custom solutions. Our team can adapt their workflows to your needs and develop custom pipelines for a custom analysis that suits your requirements and your data. Whether your data are produced at Helixio or elsewhere, we will help you to get the most of your experiments. So, feel free to contact us!