Gene Expression Profiling

Gene expression profiling is the simultaneous measurement of thousands of genes transcription.

This technology can be used to:

  • Identify genes whose expression changed in response to an experimental parameter (drug, phenotype, disease…);
  • Validate predicted gene response;
  • Identify alternative splice variants.

Our team is involved in the development of DNA microarray technologie since 2000 and has participated in numerous collaborations. Helixio offers high-quality gene expression profiling services based on microarray and qPCR solutions. Since the emergence of next-generation sequencing, RNA-seq technology is also proposed.

Helixio provides you with the three types of technologies and guides you in the choice of the best solution to answer your project needs and specifications. Our goal is to meet and satisfy your requirements.

microarray analysis ans expression

Gene expression microarray provide a comprehensive coverage of genes and transcripts with up-to-date annotation. A wide range of microarrays for a variety of species are available for whole genome expression studies, with different high resolution formats. For example, probes of Agilent SurePrint G3 Human GE v2 8x60k microarray are designed to target both protein-coding and long noncoding RNA transcripts.

Helixio takes part to Agilent quality program and has been recognized as a Certified Service Provider for microarray expression since 2007.

microarray analysis and expression

Custom content microarray can be designed to study focused genes or specific genomes for which no commercial array is available. Our custom microarray design capabilities allow us to coordinate the whole process from a gene list of interest to ordering final design.

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QPCR: Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction

QPCR, for Quantitative PCR (or real-time PCR) is a molecular technique based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to enable detection and quantification of gene expression.

Helixio offers QPCR and RT-QPCR services on the AB TaqMan technology. TaqMan Inventoried and Made to Order assays can be used or we can design custom assays for specific content.

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RNA sequencing (RNA seq) offers access to information on transcriptome complexity. As DNA microarray, this technology allows to study differential gene expression according to experimental parameters. It also takes into account splicing events, novel transcripts, differential isoforms and polymorphisms.

Helixio offers services based on Illumina platform, covering RNA-seq application (mRNA, total RNA, Small RNA…).

RNA Seq - RNA Sequencing

Should you wish to measure the expression of specific transcripts, we can propose you a targeted RNA sequencing. Custom RNA solution provides flexibility to focus on regions or transcripts thanks to target enrichment. Helixio uses eArray application to meet the specifications of the platform. We are proud to be Agilent Certified Service Provider for the SureSelect target enrichment.

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