Custom Genomic Data Analysis

The technologies offered by Helixio require the implementation of complex analytical procedures that involve skills in bioinformatics and statistics.


Helixio proposes bioinformatic services and custom genomic analysis for any type of high-throughput data. Our goal is to meet and satisfy your laboratory requirements. Our team is able to adapt to your needs and your skills. We use open-source bioinformatics tools, commercial applications and in-house pipelines. We develop workflows for the needs of specific studies.

microarray analysis and data custom analysis

All data generated during the study are provided: raw sequences, alignment files and result files for NGS analysis; processed files and differential gene lists for DNA microarray.

Files are stored two or six months, according to the technologies.

We adapt our workflows to suit your needs, so feel free to contact us!

Examples of standard workflow:

  • DNA Microarray

    DNA microarray analysis

  • RNA seq

    RNA seq analysis