Customized Genomic Services

The technologies offered by Helixio are customizable: we can create a microarray (gene expression profiling, array CGH…) or a SureSelect library based on your needs. We use Agilent Technologies, Illumina and Life Technologies applications to meet the specifications of the platforms:

  • eArray (Agilent Technologies) : DNA microarray, miRNA microarray, SureSelect RNA enrichment;
  • SureDesign (Agilent Technologies): array CGH, Methylation microarray, SureSelect DNA enrichment;
  • iCom (Illumina): Infinium HD technologies;
  • Primer Express (Life Technologies): qPCR ;
  • In-house methodologies.

Genomics services: customized genomics

Custom content microarray or SureSelect libraries can be designed to study focused genes or regions and specific genomes.

Our custom design capabilities allow us to coordinate the whole process from a gene list of interest to ordering final design.

We use specific applications to meet the specifications of the different platforms.
The team skills can be adapted to any type of species (eukaryotic or prokaryotic genomes) and to any type of studies: we already designed many successful types of microarray and libraries for exotic species (reptiles, fish, insects, mammals, plants) and for viral and bacterial genomes.

Our goal is to meet and satisfy your requirements, so feel free to contact us!