Comparative Genomic Hybridization

With array CGH or CNV (Copy Number Variant), you can access to a molecular cytogenetic technique with a higher resolution. It is becoming an essential diagnostic tool to detect chromosomal regions lost or gained in tumors for cancer classification or for genomic aberrations identification.

Helixio proposes a CGH/CNV service with Agilent technologies: our numerous collaborations with public or private laboratories are the best demonstration of the recognized know-how of our team concerning array CGH based studies.

genomics services: Comparative Genomics Hybridization

Standardized approach

A standardized approach for the most common species (human, rat, mouse) is proposed: several high resolution are available from 100 000 to 1 million probes.

Custom approach

A custom approach is available for other species and/or to target regions of interest (genes, chromosomes…). A custom array CGH is designed with Agilent’s SureDesign application according to your specifications.

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Genomics services: Comparative Genomic hybridization